WHILL’s New Portable Power Chair Makes It Easier for People With Mobility Limitations to Get Out and Explore

Compact, maneuverable, and easy to disassemble, the improved Model Ci2 is the perfect companion for an active everyday lifestyle post-COVID


San Francisco, CA – May 3, 2021 – WHILL, maker of the award-winning Model Ci and Model A Personal Electric Vehicles, is excited to announce the release of its latest mobility device: the WHILL Model Ci2. This innovative power chair incorporates a wealth of new features and improves on previous models in several key areas.

From enhanced suspension that provides more comfort when driving long distances, to an increased 11-mile range per charge, to a higher weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, the Model Ci2 improves on its predecessor in almost every way. Additionally, popular features such as WHILL’s patented front omni-wheels, remote app control, and advanced battery technology are back and better than ever.

“We are excited to be launching this new WHILL model at a time when mobility device users are starting to spend more time outside the house again,” said Kerry Renaud, CEO and Managing Director of WHILL North America. “Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, people with mobility limitations were leading more active lives than ever. We expect this trend to continue as restrictions gradually ease over the coming year.”


The Model Ci2 addresses a number of key concerns for the active mobility device user: it disassembles in four steps for easy transportation, has a 29.9” turning radius that allows the user to make tight turns in narrow spaces, and features new safety enhancements and better overall visibility. The Model Ci2 has also been redesigned to allow for easier transfer in and out of the seat.

“WHILL’s goal has always been to provide mobility to those who have difficulty walking so they have the confidence to lead active, fulfilling lives,” said Satoshi Sugie, Founder and Global CEO of WHILL. “With the Model Ci2, we’ve taken another big step towards helping people with mobility issues experience the world on their own terms.”

The Model Ci2 launched on May 1st and is now available for purchase or test drive at 250+ locations across North America. The new Model comes in 3 seating widths (16”/18”/20”) and has an MSRP of $4,499 USD – $500 less than the Model Ci.

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About WHILL:

Since 2012, WHILL’s mission has been to improve people’s short-distance mobility through innovative technology and design. Along with designing and selling mobility products, WHILL also provides Mobility-as-a-Service solutions, offering autonomous transportation services that make public spaces more accessible.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with offices in the US, Canada, and EU, WHILL now offers products and services in over 20 countries and regions globally.

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