WHILL Model C2

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Big advantages in a compact frame

Big advantages in a compact frame

Impressive power, smart technology, and superior handling that turns on a dime.


Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 2 inches height with two powerful motors and large front omni-wheels. Rear wheel suspension absorbs the impact when driving over bumpy roads or obstacles. suspension
wheels obstacle
Unité de commande


Disassembles in four easy steps. The Model C2 can be disassembled for easy transportation in the trunk of any car. Whether you’re shopping on the weekend or traveling with your family, the Model C2 allows you to live life to the fullest.
Seat Assembly
28 lbs
Rear Drive Base
43 lbs
Front Drive Base
39 lbs
6 lbs
Unité de commande


30 inch turning radius allows you to make tight turns in narrow shops and elevators. The Model C2  easily maneuvers to get you wherever you need to go. turning radius
control unit

Personalize Your Device

Choose from 8 different arm color options to match your personal style. The WHILL app gives you the ultimate control over your device and the arm rest and controller allow you to move with ease. The long battery life and range provides you the assurance to get through your day.

Easy Access

Lift the arm to easily sit down in the chair from the side. Stand on the foot support for added stability.

Detachable Battery

Model C2 can travel 11 miles on a 5-hour charge, giving you ample power to go about your day.

Simple Controller

Turn the power on and adjust the speed with one hand. The device will automatically brake when you release the controller , even on an incline.


The app allows you to drive the Model C2 remotely, control your speed, and check your mileage and battery life. With a smart key that allows you to lock/unlock your device, you never have to worry.
Color WHILL App Controller Armrest Battery


hour charge

Custom Comfort Options

Pipe frame back and other accessories allow customized seating and positioning solutions. Accessories & Optional Parts


Back support Cushion

Arm Support Pad

Foot Support

Mouse Type

Stick Type

U-Shape Type

Mouse Type Stick Type U-Shape Type



Driving Range (full battery charge) Approx. 11 miles
Maximum Speed 5 mph
Max Incline 10°
Obstacle Clearance 2 inches
Turning Radius 30 inches
Seat Sizes Available 16″/18″/20″ width
Overall Device Width 21.8″/23.6″/25.6″
Device Length 3 ft 3 in
Weight Fully Assembled 52,6 kg
Suspension 4 Wheel Independent
Charging Time 5 hours
App Enabled Yes, with remote control
Air Travel Approved Yes
Swappable Arm Covers 8 Colors
Weight Capacity 136 kg
Battery Lithium-ion (25,3 V 10,6 Ah)
Weather Tested IPX4
MSRP $6,499
Driving Range (full battery charge) Approx. 18 km
Max Incline 10°
Turning Radius 760 mm
Device Width 554 mm
Weight Fully Assembled 52.6 kg
Charging Time 5 hours
Air Travel Approved Yes
Weight Capacity 136 kg
Weather Tested IPX4
Maximum Speed 6 km/h
Obstacle Clearance 50 mm
Seat Sizes Available 16″/18″/20″
Device Length 985 mm
Suspension 4 Wheel Independent
App Enabled Yes, with remote control
Swappale Arm Covers 8 Colors
Battery Lithium-Ion (25.3V 10.6Ah)
MSRP $6,499
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