Complete Specifications

Model M received FDA clearance K153543

Drive System4 Wheel Drive
ControllerWHILL Controlling System
Seat Sliding Range5.9˝ (150mm)
Chair Ground Clearance3.5˝ (89mm)
Maximum Speed5.5 MPH (8.9 km/h)
Speed SettingsFast, Medium, Slow Speed
Braking SystemElectromagnetic Brake
Turning Radius28˝ (711mm)
Maximum Weight Capacity220lb (100kg)
Arm Angle (down position)45, 48, 52, 56 degrees
Tail lamps (2)Red lights
Batteries (2)12V 50Ah MK Battery model M50-12 SLD M or WP50-12NE
Charger6A_Charger Charging time: 8 hours to 80% charge
Foot Support Angle0 to 10 degrees
Foot Support Extension0”, 1˝, 2˝, 3˝, 4˝ (0 mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm)
Compatible Back SupportsVARILITE Icon back system – Low, Mid, Tall
Compatible Seat Cushions16˝ wide, from 16” to 20” deep
Operating Conditions-13 to 122 degrees F (-25 to 50 degrees C)
Storage Conditions-40 to 149 degrees F (-40 to 65 degrees C)
Pneumatic Rear Tire Pressure40 P.S.I (280 kPa)
Overall length43” (1092mm) without feet

44.3” (1126mm) with feet

Overall width23.7˝ (602mm)
Total mass (including batteries)255 lb (115.7kg)
Pivot width44.4” (1128mm) without feet

45.7” (1161mm) with feet

Required width of right angled corridor35” (889mm) without feet

36.3” (922mm) with feet

Seat plane angle4 to 14 degrees (4 positions)
Effective seat depth16” to 20˝ (406.4 to 508mm) (5 positions)
Effective seat width16” (406.4mm)
Seat surface height at front edge20.2” to 22.2˝ (513.1 to 563.9mm) (3 positions)
Back support angle10 to 20 degrees (4 positions)
Back support height20” (508mm)
Foot support to seat 8.6” to 16.9” (218 to 429mm) (5 positions)
Leg to seat surface angle 104 degrees
Arm support height 8.5” to 10.5” (215 to 265mm) (6 positions)
Front location of arm support structure 10” (254mm)
Propelling wheel diameter and size including widthDiameter: 12.6” (320mm)

Width: 2.25” (57.1mm)

Horizontal location of axle 3” (75mm)
Static, impact and fatique testing requirements Pass
Resistance to ignition Pass