Long distance travel has been rapidly evolving and becoming more and more convenient–cars, trains and even rockets–yet, limited innovation has been developed around moving short distances, especially for people with reduced mobility.

WHILL is bringing to life new technology and services to improve the movement of people in large venues, such as airports, theme parks and hospitals, to “last-mile” transportation–allowing everyone to move smarter and freer, wherever their heart desires. It is an exciting evolution in personal mobility.

A Truly Accessible Experience

WHILL’ s independently developed software and sleek, intuitive design work in harmony to make device rental and sharing on sidewalks and in venues, such as airports, shopping malls and theme parks, simple and safe for anyone to use.


From high costs to poor customer experiences due to a lack of resources and reduced independence for guests, commercial venues all over the world face these common challenges and inefficiencies with moving people with limited mobility throughout their facilities. WHILL Autonomous Drive System addresses these challenges and more to provide a safe, efficient, economical, and fun solution for both the business and their guests.

Advanced Visibility

Unlike autonomous technology for roadways, pedestrian thoroughfares and venues create a set of unique and complex challenges and obstacles such as impeding and unpredictable pedestrian movement, pillars, furniture, debris, and elevation changes. WHILL is addressing it all.

Front and rear mounted cameras and sensors provide ultra-wide angle visibility and obstacle detection. Pre-collected map data is compared against current driving situations to create the safest and optimal route to the rider’ s destination. In the event an object unsafely enters its pathway, auto-stop functionality will prevent a collision.

Smart Management

Conveniently summon a WHILL Autonomous Drive device for pickup. Upon trip completion or abandonment, the device will automatically return to its base.

Businesses can easily manage a fleet of WHILL devices utilizing wireless technology. Track and locate all devices from a single dashboard, set a geofence to prevent theft, and monitor the health of devices including distance traveled, battery charge level and charge cycles, and operational errors–alleviating businesses from the burden of the manual practices and processes of today.

MaaS Business

Seamlessly integrate the WHILL Autonomous Drive System with customized MaaS solutions ensuring your business success. Services range from R&D support to end-to-end platform management. Tap into WHILL’s strategic partner network with industry-leading manufacturers and service providers to accelerate development and integration, and further simplify fleet management and maintenance.

Run more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage with WHILL’s unparalleled innovation and award-winning design and technology.

Package 1: WHILL provides the hardware as well as the options and libraries necessary for development. The WHILL research and development model, Model CR, is currently available. WHILL is looking for partners who are developing automated driving systems, universities conducting research including sensors, and R&D engineers.

Package 2: WHILL provides the automated driving system while mobility platform development is performed by the partner. WHILL is looking for development companies that can develop platforms, not just with WHILL, but with capabilities to integrate with various services and solutions.

Package 3: B2B partners only need to provide the business platform system, and B2C partners provide the frontend and payment systems. WHILL is looking for partners who want to provide device rentals or sharing businesses at airports, commercial facilities, museums, and train stations.

Package 4: A complete device rental and sharing business solution, in areas like municipalities, managed by WHILL.