“I feel better about myself and my ability to navigate the world.” - Abby & Nathan

  • Gender: Female
  • Condition: Mobility Impairment
  • Prior Device: TravelScoot Junior Deluxe Mobility Scooter
  • Main Use: Around the home, volunteering, disability advocacy, social and recreational activities

What’s your story?

I’m a senior with mobility impairment after four spinal surgeries – I’m fused from L1-S1. My condition causes me extreme pain, now affecting my hips and legs, in addition to a continual burning sensation in my calves and feet. I’ve used canes, two kinds of walkers, and have had two different mobility scooters. I also have arthritis which affects both wrists and my thumbs. I have a successor service dog from Canine Partners For Life in Cochranville, PA. With my first dog from this same organization, I was successful in three legal cases of access denial in local hospitals. Advocating for everyone with disabilities, including myself and others, has always been a passion of mine.

Why did you choose Model M power wheelchair?

After returning from three weeks of intensive training with my successor service dog, Nathan, I knew my lightweight scooter was no longer meeting my needs – grassy areas in particular were a challenge. Additionally, at the Philadelphia Zoo, a person had to walk behind going up a hill because we were not sure my scooter would make it all the way up. I’ve tried numerous mobility devices to find the best fit for me, and once I tried the WHILL Model M, there was no question in my mind that it met all of my requirements.

What do you like about Model M power wheelchair?

There’s so much to love about the Model M power wheelchair, but I especially appreciate the ease in which it moves; from the ergonomic mouse hand control to the small footprint with a tight turning radius, I can freely navigate in any environment. And with the omni wheels and powerful brakes, I can easily pause on an incline and confidently go on any terrain.   

But that’s not all, I can work at a desk or eat at a table freely by moving the seat forward and putting the arms up and easily have my service dog by my side. Overall, I just love the sense of safety and confidence the Model M has put back into all facets of my life.

How has the Model M power wheelchair impacted your life?

I am not afraid to try activities or go places that previously would have been difficult or avoided. I feel better about myself and my ability to navigate the world in this wonderful machine that meets my present needs and looks so remarkable. I love sharing resources with others and have enjoyed telling others about something that has been extremely helpful to me.

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Note: Model A is for people who have difficulty walking. Model M is for people who have a prescription for a power wheelchair.