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Challenging Today’s
Powered Mobility Conventions

WHILL Personal Electric Vehicles are bringing a fresh perspective to personal mobility with an innovative design and state-of-the-art technology—creating the confidence to drive anywhere with unprecedented independence and style.

Whether you’re driving around town or maneuvering a tight kitchen or bath, WHILL Personal EVs make every ride an exhilarating and safe experience.

That’s why a WHILL Personal EV is in a category all by itself.

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I never thought a personal electric
vehicle could make such a difference.
It truly is life changing!” – Melissa

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Driving Freedom and Independence Forward

Customers love our award-winning design and value our products’ life-changing functionality.

Explore the World

Compact size, modern design and omni wheels make maneuvering the world effortless and enjoyable.

Improve Interactions

A power seat slide and arms that rotate up puts you closer to tables and extends your reach.

Boldly Drive Anywhere

An all-wheel drive system allows you to take on the world. Get out and enjoy all of life’s experiences.

Feel Safe and Secure

Exceptional stability keeps you in complete control, while best-in-class durability gives you peace of mind wherever you decide to go.

Personal Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Personal Mobility Device

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Next-Gen Power Wheelchair

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Model M has allowed me to shine,
rather than be overshadowed by my
disability” – Krystina

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Mistletoe, Inc. and WHILL, Inc. Enter Capital Alliance

Collaborating To Accelerate the Future of Smart Mobility   WHILL Inc. announced today that Mistletoe, Inc. and WHILL are entering a capital alliance with the goal to create new types of value for future smart mobility within urban environments. As urban infrastructures become more and more connected, intelligent and automated, and as roadways become increasingly congested, the development of smart cities must allow for efficient, flexible and accessible travel across ...